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Oral History Center Search Results


IntervieweeTitleProjectPublication Date
Bouwsma, Beverly Hancock Observer of Campus and Community Culture Berkeley Department of History Faculty Wife 1956-2001Department of History, UC Berkeley2008
Bouwsma, William J. Historian of European Culture in the Early Modern Era University of California, Berkeley, 1956-1991Department of History, UC Berkeley2008
Brentano, Robert Scholar and Teacher of Medieval History, University of California, Berkeley, 1952-2002Department of History, UC Berkeley2006
Brown, Delmer M. Professor of Japanese History at University of California at Berkeley 1946-1977Department of History, UC Berkeley2000
Brucker, Gene Historian of Renaissance Florence, UC Berkeley, 1954-1991Department of History, UC Berkeley2005
Davis, Natalie Zemon Historian of Early Modern Europe, Professor at Berkeley, 1971-1978. Department of History, UC Berkeley2010
Fass, Paula S. American Social and Cultural Historian and Historian of Childhood, University of California, Berkeley, 1974-2012Department of History, UC Berkeley2012
Herr, Richard Historian of Spain and France, University of California, Berkeley, 1960-1991.Department of History, UC Berkeley2009
Hunt, Lynn A. Historian of France and Modern Europe, Professor at Berkeley, 1974-1987Department of History, UC Berkeley2013
Jordan, Winthrop Historian of Slavery and Race Relations in America. Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, 1963-1982 Department of History, UC Berkeley2009
Keightley, David N. Historian of Early China, UC Berkeley, 1969-1998Department of History, UC Berkeley2003
Levine, Lawrence W. Historian of American Culture, Professor at Berkeley, 1962-1994 Department of History, UC Berkeley2014
Litwack, Leon F. Historian of the American People and the African American Experience, Professor at Berkeley, 1964-2007 Department of History, UC Berkeley2014
Malia, Martin Edward Historian of Russian and European Intellectual HistoryDepartment of History, UC Berkeley2005
May, Henry F. Professor of Intellectual History University of California at Berkeley 1952-1980Department of History, UC Berkeley1999
Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. Professor of Russian and European Intellectual History, University of California Berkeley, 1957-1997Department of History, UC Berkeley1998
Schorske, Carl Intellectual Life, Civil Libertarian Issues, and the Student Movement at the University of California at Berkeley 1960-1969Department of History, UC Berkeley2000
Stampp, Kenneth M. Historian of Slavery, The Civil War & Reconstruction, University of California, Berkeley, 1946-1983 Department of History, UC Berkeley1998