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IntervieweeTitleProjectPublication Date
Albrier, Frances Mary Frances Mary Albrier: Determined Advocate for Racial EqualityWomen Political Leaders1979
Anderson, Patricia;Beebe, Gertrude;Butzbach, Roberta;Carney, Joan; Carter, Blanche;Dunbar, Rosemary;Gibbs, Norma;Hardy, Georgianna;Hartman, Colleen;Hoover, Clo;Hutter, Bernice Women in Politics Volume IWomen Political Leaders1973
Barbee, Juanita Terry;Bell, Rachel;Cahn, Albert;Cahn, Margery;Chavoor, Evelyn;Cohen, Lucy Kramer;Goldschmidt, Arthur;Goldschmidt, Elizabeth Wickenden;Hogan, Charles A.;Holifield, Chester A.;Keyserling, Mary Dublin;Noel-Baker, Philip J. Helen Gahagan Douglas Volume II: The Congress Years 1944-1950 Women Political Leaders1981
Benedict, Marjorie Marjorie Benedict: Development of a Place for Women in the Republican PartyWomen Political Leaders1984
Cox, Odessa Odessa Cox: Challenging the Status Quo: The Twenty-Seven-Year Campaign for Southwest Junior CollegeWomen Political Leaders1978
Davis, Pauline Pauline Davis: California Assemblywoman 1952-1976Women Political Leaders1986
De Sola, Alis;Palms, Cornelia;Rick, Walter R.;Watts, Fay Bennett Helen Gahagan Douglas Volume III: Family, Friends, and The Theater: The Years Before and After PoliticsWomen Political Leaders1981
Douglas, Helen Gahagan Helen Gahagan Douglas: Helen Gahagan Douglas Volume IV: Congresswoman, Actress, and Opera SingerWomen Political Leaders1982
Dudley, Tilford;Edwards, India;Goodman, Leo;Harding, Kenneth ;Lindsley, Byron;Lustig, Helen O.;Meyers, Alvin;Roger, Frank Helen Gahagan Douglas Volume I: The Political CampaignsWomen Political Leaders1981
Eliaser, Ann Ann Eliaser: From Grassroots Politics to the Top Dollar: Fundraising for Candidates and Non-profit AgenciesWomen Political Leaders1983
Eu, March Fong March Fong Eu: High Achieving Non-ConformistWomen Political Leaders1978
Evans, Ruth;Greene, Mary W.;Grendle, Shirley L.;La Follette, Marlon;Meyer, Doris;Nathan, Elinor H.;Pew, Mary Jean;Pryor, Gabrlelle G.;Savitch, Frances;Slcoli, Elizabeth Women in Politics Volume IIIWomen Political Leaders1973
Fuller, Jean Jean Fulter: Organizing Women: Careers in Volunteer Politics, Law, and Policy AdministrationWomen Political Leaders1977
Gatov, Elizabeth R. Elizabeth R. Gatov: Grassroots Party Organizer to Treasurer of the United StatesWomen Political Leaders1978
Hitt, Patricia Patricia Hitt: From Precinct Worker to Assistant Secretary of HEWWomen Political Leaders1980
Hosmer, Lucile Lucile Hosmer: A Conservative Republican in the Mainstream of Party PoliticsWomen Political Leaders1983
Kennedy, Helen;Lewis, Mary;McDonald, Claire;Mills, Margaret;Rogan, Mary;Russell, Pat;Seaton, Phyllis;Sheldon, Betty Jo;Spencer, Vaino;Wakefield, Ruth;Watson, Nancy;West, Janet Women in Politics Volume IIWomen Political Leaders1973
Kitayama, Kimiko Fujii Kimiko Fujii Kitayama: Nisei Leader in Democratic Politics and Civil AffairsWomen Political Leaders1979
May, Bernice Hubbard Bernice Hubbard May: A Native Daughter's Leadership in Public Affairs Volume IIWomen Political Leaders1976
May, Bernice Hubbard Bernice Hubbard May: A Native Daughter's Leadership in Public Affairs, Volume IWomen Political Leaders1976
McCormick, LaRue LaRue McCormick: Activist in the Radical Movement, 1930-1960;The Intl. Labor Defense: The Communist PartyWomen Political Leaders1980
McLean, Hulda Hoover Hulda Hoover McLean: A Conservative's Crusades for Good GovernmentWomen Political Leaders1977
Paschal, Elizabeth Elizabeth Paschal: Pioneering Career Woman:New Deal Labor Economist, Social Security Administration Program Chief, Ford Foundation ExecutiveWomen Political Leaders1996
Pike, Emily Emily Pike: Republican Party Campaign Organizer: From Volunteer to ProfessionalWomen Political Leaders1983
Porter, Julia Gorman Julia Gorman Porter: Dedicated Democrat and City Planner 1941-1975Women Political Leaders1977
Sankary, Wanda Wanda Sankary: From Sod House to State HouseWomen Political Leaders1979
Schechter, Hope Mendoza Hope Mendoza Schechter: Activist in the Labor Movement, the Democratic Party, and the Mexican American CommunityWomen Political Leaders1980
Schultz, Vera Vera Schultz: Ideals and Realities in State and Local GovernmentWomen Political Leaders1977
Shirpser, Clara Clara Shirpser: One Woman's Role in Democratic Party Politics: National, California, and Local 1950-1973 Volume IWomen Political Leaders1975
Shirpser, Clara Clara Shirpser: One Woman's Role in Democratic Party Politics: National, California, and Local 1950-1973 Volume IIWomen Political Leaders1975
Snyder, Elizabeth Elizabeth Snyder: California's First Woman State Party ChairmanWomen Political Leaders1977
Wagner, Eleanor Eleanor Wagner: Independent Political Coalitions: Electoral, Legislative, and CommunityWomen Political Leaders1977
Warschaw, Carmen Carmen Warschaw: A Southern California Perspective on Democratic Party PoliticsWomen Political Leaders1983
Wolfe, Carolyn Carolyn Wolfe: Educating for Citizenship: A Career in Community Affairs and the Democratic Party 1906-1976Women Political Leaders1978
Wyman, Rosalind Wiener Rosalind Wiener Wyman: "It's a Girl": Three Terms on the Los Angeles City Council, 1953-1965;Three Decades in the Democratic Party, 1948-1978Women Political Leaders1980
Younger, Mildred Mildred Younger: Inside and Outside Government and Politics, 1929-1980Women Political Leaders1983