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IntervieweeTitleProjectPublication Date
Albrier, Frances Mary Determined Advocate for Racial EqualityWomen Political Leaders1979
Anderson, Patricia;Beebe, Gertrude;Butzbach, Roberta;Carney, Joan; Carter, Blanche;Dunbar, Rosemary;Gibbs, Norma;Hardy, Georgianna;Hartman, Colleen;Hoover, Clo;Hutter, Bernice Women in Politics Volume IWomen Political Leaders1973
Barbee, Juanita Terry;Bell, Rachel;Cahn, Albert;Cahn, Margery;Chavoor, Evelyn;Cohen, Lucy Kramer;Goldschmidt, Arthur;Goldschmidt, Elizabeth Wickenden;Hogan, Charles A.;Holifield, Chester A.;Keyserling, Mary Dublin;Noel-Baker, Philip J. Helen Gahagan Douglas Volume II: The Congress Years 1944-1950 Women Political Leaders1981
Benedict, Marjorie Development of a Place for Women in the Republican PartyWomen Political Leaders1984
Cox, Odessa Challenging the Status Quo: The Twenty-Seven-Year Campaign for Southwest Junior CollegeWomen Political Leaders1978
Davis, Pauline California Assemblywoman 1952-1976Women Political Leaders1986
De Sola, Alis;Palms, Cornelia;Rick, Walter R.;Watts, Fay Bennett Helen Gahagan Douglas Volume III: Family, Friends, and The Theater: The Years Before and After PoliticsWomen Political Leaders1981
Douglas, Helen Gahagan Helen Gahagan Douglas Volume IV: Congresswoman, Actress, and Opera SingerWomen Political Leaders1982
Dudley, Tilford;Edwards, India;Goodman, Leo;Harding, Kenneth ;Lindsley, Byron;Lustig, Helen O.;Meyers, Alvin;Roger, Frank Helen Gahagan Douglas Volume I: The Political CampaignsWomen Political Leaders1981
Eliaser, Ann From Grassroots Politics to the Top Dollar: Fundraising for Candidates and Non-profit AgenciesWomen Political Leaders1983
Eu, March Fong High Achieving Non-ConformistWomen Political Leaders1978
Evans, Ruth;Greene, Mary W.;Grendle, Shirley L.;La Follette, Marlon;Meyer, Doris;Nathan, Elinor H.;Pew, Mary Jean;Pryor, Gabrlelle G.;Savitch, Frances;Slcoli, Elizabeth Women in Politics Volume IIIWomen Political Leaders1973
Fuller, Jean Organizing Women: Careers in Volunteer Politics, Law, and Policy AdministrationWomen Political Leaders1977
Gatov, Elizabeth R. Grassroots Party Organizer to Treasurer of the United StatesWomen Political Leaders1978
Hitt, Patricia From Precinct Worker to Assistant Secretary of HEWWomen Political Leaders1980
Hosmer, Lucile A Conservative Republican in the Mainstream of Party PoliticsWomen Political Leaders1983
Kennedy, Helen;Lewis, Mary;McDonald, Claire;Mills, Margaret;Rogan, Mary;Russell, Pat;Seaton, Phyllis;Sheldon, Betty Jo;Spencer, Vaino;Wakefield, Ruth;Watson, Nancy;West, Janet Women in Politics Volume IIWomen Political Leaders1973
Kitayama, Kimiko Fujii Nisei Leader in Democratic Politics and Civil AffairsWomen Political Leaders1979
May, Bernice Hubbard A Native Daughter's Leadership in Public Affairs Volume IIWomen Political Leaders1976
May, Bernice Hubbard A Native Daughter's Leadership in Public Affairs, Volume IWomen Political Leaders1976
McCormick, LaRue Activist in the Radical Movement, 1930-1960;The Intl. Labor Defense: The Communist PartyWomen Political Leaders1980
McLean, Hulda Hoover A Conservative's Crusades for Good GovernmentWomen Political Leaders1977
Paschal, Elizabeth Pioneering Career Woman:New Deal Labor Economist, Social Security Administration Program Chief, Ford Foundation ExecutiveWomen Political Leaders1996
Pike, Emily Republican Party Campaign Organizer: From Volunteer to ProfessionalWomen Political Leaders1983
Porter, Julia Gorman Dedicated Democrat and City Planner 1941-1975Women Political Leaders1977
Sankary, Wanda From Sod House to State HouseWomen Political Leaders1979
Schechter, Hope Mendoza Activist in the Labor Movement, the Democratic Party, and the Mexican American CommunityWomen Political Leaders1980
Schultz, Vera Ideals and Realities in State and Local GovernmentWomen Political Leaders1977
Shirpser, Clara One Woman's Role in Democratic Party Politics: National, California, and Local 1950-1973 Volume IWomen Political Leaders1975
Shirpser, Clara One Woman's Role in Democratic Party Politics: National, California, and Local 1950-1973 Volume IIWomen Political Leaders1975
Snyder, Elizabeth California's First Woman State Party ChairmanWomen Political Leaders1977
Wagner, Eleanor Independent Political Coalitions: Electoral, Legislative, and CommunityWomen Political Leaders1977
Warschaw, Carmen A Southern California Perspective on Democratic Party PoliticsWomen Political Leaders1983
Wolfe, Carolyn Educating for Citizenship: A Career in Community Affairs and the Democratic Party 1906-1976Women Political Leaders1978
Wyman, Rosalind Wiener "It's a Girl": Three Terms on the Los Angeles City Council, 1953-1965;Three Decades in the Democratic Party, 1948-1978Women Political Leaders1980
Younger, Mildred Inside and Outside Government and Politics, 1929-1980Women Political Leaders1983