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IntervieweeTitleProjectPublication Date
Albrier, Frances Mary;Barnes, Stanley N.;Dean, William F.;Drucker, Lewis;Duffy, Clinton T.;Eisan, Lee G.;Johnson, Robert S.;Johnson, George M.;Kingman, Harry L.;Kingman, Ruth W.;Moore, Allen;McDaniel, George;Merwin, John David;Minnie, Ruth;Olney, Warren;Robb, Agnes Roddy;Rumford, William Byron;Schottland, Charles I.;Selvin, Herman Frank;Silverman, Sol;Staats, Redmond C.Sweetwyne, Alvin C. Athlete, Officer in Law Enforcement and Administration, Governor of the Virgin Islands Volume IPolitics, Law, and Policy - Individual Interviews1979
Amodio, John;Jones, Kathleen Goddard;Leopold, A. Starker;Miller, Susan;Turner, Tom Sierra Club Nationwide Volume IISierra Club1984
Berry, Phillip S. Phillip S. Berry: Sierra Club Leader, 1960s-1980s: A Broadened Agenda, A Bold ApproachSierra Club1988
Berry, Phillip S. Phillip S. Berry: Sierra Club President, 1991-1992: The Club, Legal Defense Fund and Leadership Issues, 1984-1993Sierra Club1997
Brower, David David Brower: Environmental Activist, Publicist, and ProphetSierra Club1980
Brower, David Davird Brower: Reflections on the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and Earth Island InstituteSierra Club2012
Clark, Nathan C. Nathan C. Clark: Sierra Club Leader, Outdoorsman, EngineerSierra Club1977
Dyer, Polly; Goldsworthy, Patrick Pacific Northwest ConservationistsSierra Club1986
Fruge, August August Fruge: A Publishers Career with the University of California PressNatural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment - Individual Interviews2001
Hildebrand, Alexander;Litton, Martin;Sherwin, Raymond J.;Snyder, Theodore A., Jr. Sierra Club Leaders I, 1950s-1970sSierra Club1982
Leonard, Richard Manning Richard Manning Leonard: Mountaineer, Lawyer, Environmentalist, Volume ISierra Club1975
Leonard, Richard Manning Richard Leoning Manning: Mountaineer, Lawyer, Environmentalist, Volume IISierra Club1975
Merrow, Susan D. Susan D. Merrow: Sierra Club President and Council Chair: Effective Volunteer Leadership, 1980s-1990sSierra Club1994
Robinson, Gordon Gordan Robinson: Forestry Consultant to the Sierra ClubSierra Club1979
Siri, William E. William E. Siri: Reflections on the Sierra Club, the Environment, and Mountaineering, 1950s-1970sSierra Club1979
Torre, Gary J. Gary J. Torre: Labor and Tax Attorney 1949-1982;Sierra Club Foundation Trustee 1968-1981, 1994-1998Sierra Club1999
Wayburn, Peggy Peggy Wayburn: Author and Environmental AdvocateSierra Club1992