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IntervieweeTitleProjectPublication Date
Albrier, Frances Mary;Barnes, Stanley N.;Dean, William F.;Drucker, Lewis;Duffy, Clinton T.;Eisan, Lee G.;Johnson, Robert S.;Johnson, George M.;Kingman, Harry L.;Kingman, Ruth W.;Moore, Allen;McDaniel, George;Merwin, John David;Minnie, Ruth;Olney, Warren;Robb, Agnes Roddy;Rumford, William Byron;Schottland, Charles I.;Selvin, Herman Frank;Silverman, Sol;Staats, Redmond C.Sweetwyne, Alvin C. Athlete, Officer in Law Enforcement and Administration, Governor of the Virgin Islands Volume IPolitics, Law, and Policy - Individual Interviews1979
Amodio, John;Jones, Kathleen Goddard;Leopold, A. Starker;Miller, Susan;Turner, Tom Sierra Club Nationwide Volume IISierra Club1984
Berry, Phillip S. Sierra Club Leader, 1960s-1980s: A Broadened Agenda, A Bold ApproachSierra Club1988
Berry, Phillip S. Sierra Club President, 1991-1992: The Club, Legal Defense Fund and Leadership Issues, 1984-1993Sierra Club1997
Brower, David Environmental Activist, Publicist, and ProphetSierra Club1980
Brower, David Reflections on the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and Earth Island InstituteSierra Club2012
Clark, Nathan C. Sierra Club Leader, Outdoorsman, EngineerSierra Club1977
Dyer, Polly; Goldsworthy, Patrick Pacific Northwest ConservationistsSierra Club1986
Fruge, August A Publishers Career with the University of California PressNatural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment - Individual Interviews2001
Hildebrand, Alexander;Litton, Martin;Sherwin, Raymond J.;Snyder, Theodore A., Jr. Sierra Club Leaders I, 1950s-1970sSierra Club1982
Leonard, Richard Manning Mountaineer, Lawyer, Environmentalist, Volume ISierra Club1975
Leonard, Richard Manning Mountaineer, Lawyer, Environmentalist, Volume IISierra Club1975
Merrow, Susan D. Sierra Club President and Council Chair: Effective Volunteer Leadership, 1980s-1990sSierra Club1994
Robinson, Gordon Forestry Consultant to the Sierra ClubSierra Club1979
Siri, William E. Reflections on the Sierra Club, the Environment, and Mountaineering, 1950s-1970sSierra Club1979
Torre, Gary J. Labor and Tax Attorney 1949-1982;Sierra Club Foundation Trustee 1968-1981, 1994-1998Sierra Club1999
Wayburn, Peggy Author and Environmental AdvocateSierra Club1992