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IntervieweeTitleProjectPublication Date
Adams, Leon Leon Adams: Revitalizing the California Wine IndustryFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1974
Adams, Leon Leon Adams: California Wine Industry Affairs: Recollections and OpinionsFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1990
Amerine, Maynard Maynard Amerine: The University of California and the State's Wine IndustryNatural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment - Individual Interviews1972
Amerine, Maynard Maynard Amerine: Wine Bibliographies and Taste Perception StudiesFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1988
Arrowood, Richard Richard Arrowood: Sonoma County Winemaking: Chateau St. Jean and Arrowood Vineyards and WineryFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1996
Bettencourt, Manuel S. Manuel S. Bettencourt: An Oral History with Manuel S. BettencourtPortuguese in California2011
Biane, Philo Philo Biane: Wine Making in Southern California and Recollections of Fruit Industries, Ltd.Food and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1972
Bonetti, William William Bonetti: A Life of Winemaking at Gallo, Schenley….Food and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1998
Brounstein, Albert Albert Brounstein: Diamond Creek Vineyards: The Significance of Terroir in the VineyardFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2000
Bruce, David David Bruce: The David Bruce Winery: experimentation, dedication and successFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2002
Carpy, Charles Charles Carpy: Viticulture & Ecology at Freemark AbbeyFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1994
Cella, John B. II John B. Cella II: The Cella family in the California Wine IndustryFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1986
Ciocca, Arthur A. Arthur A. Clocca: Insights Into the Wine Industry From A Marketing PerspectiveFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2000
Crawford, Charles Charles Crawford: Recollections of a Career with the Gallo WineryFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1990
Critchfield, Burke H.;Frericks, Andrew G.;Wente, Carl F. The California Wine Industry During the DepressionNatural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment - Individual Interviews1972
Cruess, William V. William V. Cruess: A Half Century of Food and Wine TechnologyNatural Resources, Land Use, and the Environment - Individual Interviews1967
David, Narsai Narsai David: An Oral HistoryFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2013
Davies, Jack;Davies, Jamie Rebuilding Schramsberg: Creation of California Champagne HouseFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1990
Davis, L. Doug L. Doug Davis: History of Sebastiani Vineyards, 1955 - PresentFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2000
De Luca, John A. John A. De Luca: President and CEO of the Wine Institute, 1975-2003, Executive Vice Chairman of the Wine Institute, 2003-2008. Politics, Law, and Policy - Individual Interviews2007
Di Giorgio, Robert;Di Giorgio, Joseph A. The Di Giorgios: From Fruit Merchants to Corporate InnovatorsFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1986
Dieppe, William A. William A. Dieppe: Almaden Is My LifeFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1985
Draper, Paul Paul Draper: History & Philosophy of Winemaking at RidgeFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1994
Duckhorn, Dan;Duckhorn, Margaret Mostly Merlot: The Story of Duckhorn VineyardsFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1996
Edwards, Merry Merry Edwards: Meredith Vineyard EstateFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2008
Ficklin, David;Ficklin, Peter;Ficklin, Jean;Ficklin, Steven Making California Port Wine: Ficklin Vineyards form 1946-1992Food and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1992
Firestone, Brooks A. Brooks A. Firestone: Firestone Vineyards: A Santa Ynez Valley PioneerFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1996
Firestone, Catherine Catherine Firestone: Firestone Vineyard and Carey Cellars, Santa Barbara, CaliforniaFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2007
Foppiano, Louis Louis Foppiano: A Century of Winegrowing in Sonoma Valley 1896-1996Food and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1996
Forman, Richard Richard Forman: Launching Bordeaux-Style Wines in the Napa ValleyFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2000
Fromm, Alfred Alfred Fromm: Marketing California Wine and BrandyFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1984
Fromm, Alfred Alfred Fromm: Wines, Music and Lifelong EducationFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1988
Fromm, Alfred Alfred Fromm: My Life in the Wine Commerce, Industry, and Labor: Europe and the United States of AmericaCommerce, Industry, and Labor - Individual Interviews1995
Gallo, Ernest Ernest Gallo: The E & J Gallo Winery Food and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1995
Gomberg, Louis Louis Gomberg: Analytical Perspectives on the California Wine IndustryFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1990
Graf, MaryAnn MaryAnn Graf: The Life of a Wine Industry Trail-BlazerFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2018
Grgich, Miljenko Miljenko Grgich: A Croatian-American Winemaker in the Napa ValleyFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1992
Heitz, Joseph E. Joseph E. Heitz: Creating a Winery in the Napa ValleyFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1986
Hill, William H. William H. Hill: Vineyard Development and the Hill Winery 1970s-1990sFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1998
Huneeus, Agustin Agustin Huneeus: A World View on the Wine IndustryFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1996
Joslyn, Maynard A. Maynard A. Joslyn: A Technologist Views the California Wine IndustryFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1974
Kasimatis, Amandus Amandus Kasimatis: A Career in California ViticultureFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1988
Katz, Morris Morris Katz: Paul Masson Winery Operations and ManagementFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1990
Knowles Jr., Legh F. Beautiful Vineyards from Family to Corporate OwnershipFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1990
Lamborn, Brian Brian Lamborn: Lamborn Family VineyardsFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2007
Lamborn, Michael Michael Lamborn: Lamborn Family VineyardsFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2007
Lanza, Horace O.;Baccigaluppi, Harry California Grape Products and Other Wine EnterprisesFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1971
Lederer, Wolfgang Wolfgang Lederer: Bridging Two Worlds in Graphic Design, Education, and IllustrationArts and Letters - Individual Interviews1992
Long, Zelma Zelma Long: A Leader in the Era of Global WinemakingFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews2016
Long, Zelma R. Zelma R. Long: The Past is the Beginning of the Future: Simi Winery in the 2nd CenturyFood and Agriculture - Individual Interviews1992